Instruction for baby swimmer

Manual for the user of the Baby Swimmer swim help for around the neck.

Please read this manual carefully before using the Baby Swimmer.

A. Preparing the use of the Baby Swimmer

During the winter or in a cold environment it may be necessary to let the Baby Swimmer adjust to the roomtemperature for an hour before you open the package.

1. Remove the Baby Swimmer from the package and remove all labels.
2. Fold the Baby Swimmer open and flatten it out, then open the airvents.                                           
3. Start inflating the small airchamber slowly so all folds disappear. Squeeze the vent lightly to make the air pass smoothly. After you have inflated the Baby Swimmer, let go of the vent and close the lid of the vent. 
4. Inflate the large airchamber the same way.                                                                                                       
5. Remember to close the vents tightly and push them back into the Baby Swimmer.

When the Baby Swimmer is inflated correctly, you will notice two openings between the airchambers, between the chamber that goes around the neck of your baby, and the opening to hold the chin.

B. Usage of the Baby Swimmer.

1. If your baby does not accept new things easily, we advice to put the Baby Swimmer in the water with your baby the first time , but not put it on yet, and let your child get comfortable with it and touch it.
2. Let your child get comfortable with the Baby Swimmer so it will enjoy the time in the water with the Baby Swimmer.
3. The inflated Baby Swimmer should be applied before the baby is put into the water, and be taken of after the baby is out of the water. 
4. Open the velcro bands on top and underneath the Baby Swimmer.
5. Push open the Baby Swimmer so the opening will be wide enough to fit around the neck of your baby. Put the Baby Swimmer around the neck of the child and let it go back to the original position.
6. Assure the chin of your child rests on the chin holder.
7. By using the velcro, you can make sure the inner chamber fits the neck of your baby the right way. Make sure to close the velcro carefully.
8. Assure both closings of the Baby Swimmer are closed, and make sure the inner airchamber fits the neck, but does not apply any pressure around it. A small opening around is allowed.
9.  If your baby is still very young we advice to put on the Baby Swimmer with two persons
10. Please remember that using the Baby Swimmer will make activity in the bath a lot easier, which makes the bathing more tiring then before. We advice to bath for no more then 5-10 minutes the first times so your baby does not get exhausted.

C. Attention!: Important

1. The Baby Swimmer is no emergency safeguard. 
2. Store the Baby Swimmer out of reach from children, sharp objects or fire
3. Do not inflate at temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius.
4. Close the vents carefully
5. Do not inflate too hard
6. Never leave your child unattended, even while using the Baby Swimmer.
7. Do not use in water deeper then 1 meter
8. The right inflation guarantees the Baby Swimmer is ready for use
9. Do not inflate by using a pump
10. When your child is ill, please consult a doctor before using the Baby Swimmer


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